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Thread: Upgrading my Gentoo installation

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    Default Upgrading my Gentoo installation

    I have a two year old Gentoo install that's starting to show it's age. I recently upgraded coreutils to 7.1 which seems to be incompatible with the older kernel my install is using.

    uname -a
    2.6.18-ovz028stab053.5-smp #1 SMP Wed Mar 26 12:01:19 PDT 2008

    And the bug I'm running into is Gentoo Bug 233280 (can't post URls yet)

    I can figure out how to get an older version of coreutils on the machine so no worries there. I would like to figure out how to jump forward to a newer kernel, baselayout that isn't the weird depreciated vserver one, and some other things.

    The options I can see are
    1. Ask for a kernel upgrade and hope everything works
    2. Aks for a new instance and move everything over.

    Any thoughts on these or other options I might be missing?


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    The most reliable course of action to update your Gentoo installation would be install our most recent Gentoo template (this would involve rebuilding your VPS, so you may want to temporarily shuffle files to another location or consider bringing up a new VPS, testing the updated template with your configuration, and transitioning over to the new VPS).


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