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    Default I didn't realize...

    One thing that has amazed me about VPSLink over other VPS providers is their amazingly lax server policy. I was thinking of switching (GASP!) and looking around at the different VPSes, I noticed they'd have restrictions, most notably:

    • No IRC Servers
    • No Gaming Servers
    • No Free Web Hosting
    • No Shell Web Hosting

    I realize now that, compared to other AUP's, VPSLink is amazingly... open, it gives you actual choice in what you get to do, it's a REAL VPS. I mean, what's the point of a VPS if you're not allowed to do any of the above?

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    Hardly surprising that some will run and hide (behind oppressive AUP's) when there's some real knowledge required and a bit of work to do.

    At VPSLink you get the cream made from real milk, not that instant just-add-water rubbish...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chriss View Post
    At VPSLink you get the cream made from real milk, not that instant just-add-water rubbish...
    Well said!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, as long as VPSlink maintains their willingness to listen to their customers, I'll continue sending as much business there way as I can. Been with VPSlink for a couple years now, and we've had our ups and downs (the IRCd fiasco), but the OP is absolutely right. VPSlink is very down to earth and at least willing to compromise/discuss just about anything.

    I'm like a broken record over here, but when VPSlink tried to pull that, "IRC clients & servers are forbidden - we're updating our policies now" forum post a while back, I was ready to cancel my account and never look book. Why? That policy wasn't in effect when I signed up (yes, I read every possible word I could find on * However, after customers shared their views/opinions on the forums, VPSlink had the courage and moral character to reverse the decision. Now, me and VPSlink, we're like peas and carrots


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