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Thread: FUSE in Centos (Hostinabox) OpenVZ

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    Unhappy FUSE in Centos (Hostinabox) OpenVZ


    I'm having trouble getting FUSE to work following this Wiki article: Mount a Gmail Account as a FUSE Filesystem - VPSLink Wiki.

    Theres no way to compile FUSE without the kernel sources and those are not available either in yum repos and the rpm from vpslink mirror (Index of /openvz/kernel/branches/2.6.18/028stab053.5) only provides a bunch of patch files.

    FUSE is available on yum but at version 2.7.0 and fuse-python requires at least 2.7.1.

    So where do i find working kernel sources for 2.6.18-ovz028stab053.5-smp?

    Or am I doing something stupid?

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    The following command will install the kernel headers across all systems

    curl | tar -zxvf - -C /
    (From kernel modules/source thread)

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