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Thread: Help: keep site, kill email

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    MX records are cached by mailservers.

    Probably the best option would be to block inbound port 25.

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    This is all good advice, but closing port 25 also stops you receiving email to the domains you WANT it to go to. Take the following steps to stop your inbound email for that domain:

    1) Set the MX record to

    2) In your MTA's conf files, remove from the list of domains to receive for

    That will stop it all. Also, it means you wont' be sending "we're sorry that address doesn't exist" replies. When a mailer connect and announces it's destination address as, your MTA will close the connection, because it doesn't take mail for that domain.

    If you have POSTFIX as your MTA, this is the line that controls what domains you get mail for:

    mydestination =,

    Anything other than those 2 won't be received. Hope this helps.
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    you can actually sign up for project honeypot and setup your mx records to point to it. This doesn't satisfy your requirement of non-existing bouncing back but other than that I don't understand some of these suggestions since if u set a mx record that's not to your mail server you will not get any mail... it might have been cached but within a week I do not see any reason why you should receive anymore mail.

    oh blah. this is pretty old topic.
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    Thanks for all the replies. Many informative ones. I really appreciate it.

    davepusey, I can't block port 25. I have other domains getting mail in that server.

    GuyPatterson, using iptables might be a good idea, but can I block incoming connections just on the base of the domain they're coming after rather than IP? Well, no need to answer that. Learning iptables is something I've been postponing for years. I will get around to that eventually.

    I will try the method suggested by module0000. Sounds like the easiest and surest. I will come back here and whine if it doesn't work as expected.

    Many thanks again!

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