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Thread: Distributed SSH password attack in progress

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    Default Distributed SSH password attack in progress

    Over the last 12 hours the SSH port on my server has been probed around 1,000 times by approximately 550 IP addresses. Each attempts to login as root. The attack is continuing, with 2 or 3 probes per minute.

    At this point, most of the probes are repeat IP addresses, so it appears that I have seen most of the machines in the botnet.

    Heads up to those who don't have an IDS running ...

    Edit: some 11.5 hours later, the stats: 1800 probes, 660 IP addresses.

    Edit 2: some 36 hours later, the stats: 3600 probes, 700 IP addresses.
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    Charles Haley

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    ... and if you are not running an intrusion detection system, please take five to ten minutes out of your day to complete the SSH Configuration instructions from our Security Best Practices article on the VPSLink Wiki.

    My test VPS is running SSH on a non-standard port and I have yet to see any login attempts after almost two years of operation - raising the bar just a little bit seems to be a solid defense against most automated attacks.

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    Thanks for the notification and response. I had forgotten that I reinstalled and didn't remove the root login.

    <3 VPSL

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    I realize this thread is old, but I just went to the "Security Best Practices" link to the wiki, and it gives a redirect link to a known malicious site (per "SafeBrowsing"). It looks like it may have been compromised. Perhaps we should remove this link from the forum, or better yet, fix the wiki page?

    - Chris

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    Matt@Vpslink was notified by theuniverses and I assumed most of the wiki were resolved by Matt however I will notifiy him again to resolve. Matt@Vpslink handles the wiki and he's in depending on his own schedule.

    Thank you for your notice
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