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Thread: Been around and around, finally ended back up to VPSLink

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    Default Been around and around, finally ended back up to VPSLink

    Hey guys. Quick review since I'm actually quite happy with the service. I know I've posted here several times, but I've been around in several different hosts since I last posted, just testing them one by one. All mainly dedicated servers.

    I've been with HiVelocity, hostgator, etc. They all have suckish servers with prebuilt images that are worth crap, and disable your SSH access eventually (due to an bugged install of OpenSSH-Server) and you no longer have access. And, on 512 MB ram for a minimum setup, you can't even fit cPanel / mail server / apache / php / mysql / irc / ssh. Just that little makes it sky rocket in RAM, server load average etc.

    With VPSLink, so far I'm running:

    • Apache 2.0.63
      • 50-75 users/15min on one website, 10 users/15min on another, blogs, vBulletin 4 & 3, and custom software.
    • PHP 5.2.11
    • MySQL 5.1.41
    • Custom java web server
    • Custom java chat server
    • IRC Services
    • IRC Daemon (InspIRCd)
    • OpenSSH-Server

    and I still have at least 64+ MB ram on an link 3 to meddle with, not including any SWAP usage. Everything being on an customized setup sometimes shows that it's better

    Even with the lower stats of a Virtual Machine, an Link3 will be just enough for the common developer

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    I am happy too with my Link 3, tho Im not a super developer, and I dont manage very well Linux, Ive managed to install Java, Kloxo and my site with no errors and everything works as I want. I have 200MB free lol, because my sites has no people YET, im working on it .

    VPSLink rocks


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