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Thread: Hidden costs?

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    Default Hidden costs?

    VPS Hosting Plan Link-4 $34.95 /mo (billing cycle - one month)
    every single month I got a bill for $39.95 for Link-4.

    have I missed something fundamental?

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    lol. is this the old pricing? It is weird they do not adjust lower pricing but have to resort to change of billing. to get the new billing you would change to prepay 3 month or whatever term and than go back to 1 month for the new pricing.

    Maybe that has changed but file a billing ticket or maybe pm danl to fix it for you instead of going through that hassle.
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    danl fixed the actual bill. billing departement can't even answer me how much i have overpaid. they just keep repeating:

    In order to qualify for the updated price, you may upgrade your package level or billing cycle. For billing cycle upgrades, we offer 3 month, 6 month or 1 year options.

    i just need simple and clear answers and recalculation, i have paid too much all the previous months who in the vpslink can help me?


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