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Thread: Help please!

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    Exclamation Help please!

    im new to vpslink and i foudn this site while i was searching for a good vps. I have ordered and gained access to my vps but i have NO IDEA how to use it!
    I need serious help and plus i do not know a lot about vps's all i know is that you connect with remote desktop connection but that doesnt work too!
    I tried using the java SHH thingy on the cp but still doesnt work.
    PLEASE I Need help!

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    welcome to vpslink first of all

    to start you need to install an OS in the control panel as they dont come with a operating system to start with
    and then after than you use putty on windows as the vps's are linux not windows so you cant remote desktop it
    here is a basic getting started guide, it mainly depends what you want to do with it that decides where you goto next
    HOWTO: Basic Server Tutorial - VPSLink Wiki


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