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Thread: Read This Before Upgrading

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    Default Read This Before Upgrading

    The latest release of Ubuntu uses Upstart as it's initialization binary. This currently conflicts with the OpenVZ kernel, causing a freshly upgraded VPS to hang on boot. There is an article in the wiki about fixing dependencies on your VPS so that upgrading to the latest release of ubuntu won't break your VPS.
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    Is any of this an issue when upgrading to 7.10?

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    it won't be an issue if you re-install the 7.10 image from your control panel. If you try to upgrade from the shell, however, you will want to follow the advice in the wiki article.

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    I am currently running Edgy Eft (6.10), and the support ends soon, so I'm thinking about doing an upgrade to 7.10.
    I'm a bit confused now though, as the ubuntu-minimal meta package is installed, and so is upstart:

    $ aptitude show upstart
    Package: upstart
    State: installed
    Automatically installed: no
    Version: 0.2.7-7.2
    Priority: required
    Section: base
    Maintainer: Scott James Remnant <>
    Uncompressed Size: 307k
    PreDepends: libc6 (>= 2.4-1), sysvutils (>= 2.86.ds1-14.1ubuntu11)
    Recommends: upstart-compat-sysv, upstart-logd, startup-tasks, system-services
    Conflicts: sysvinit
    Replaces: sysvinit
    Description: event-based init daemon
     upstart is a replacement for the /sbin/init daemon which handles starting of tasks and services during boot, stopping them during shutdown and supervising them while the system is running.
    So, has the OpenVZ problems with upstart been resolved? Because I have no problems booting my VPS. I don't feel like creating dummy packages for the upstart system if it's working, so is it safe for me to just do an upgrade from shell without doing the hack specified in the wiki link first?


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    I believe you will still need to follow the directions in the Wiki for Feisty, as the patch to fix the issue was implemented after the feature freeze for feisty [1]. This patch should be implemented in Hardy though.


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    Ah, I see. But I'm upgrading to Gutsy (7.10), so if the freeze was in effect in Feisty (7.04), wouldn't the patched upstart be present in the Gutsy repository then?

    Would it be most wise to upgrade Edgy->Feisty->Gutsy or go directly from Edgy->Gutsy?

    Anyway, I think I'll pull configuration and data from the server, apply the fix, and cross my fingers .

    Thanks for your help.

    Edit: What really puzzles me is this:
    # /sbin/init --version
    init (upstart 0.2.7)
    Copyright (C) 2006 Canonical Ltd.
    If upstart isn't working, isn't this supposed to be SystemV init or something? I suppose I'm not fully understanding this issue yet, sorry for the trouble.
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    Is there an issue with upgrading from Gutsy (7.10) to Hardy (8.04)? Support for 7.10 will be ending soon.

    My 7.10 system (Link-4) currently does not have either ubuntu-minimal or upstart installed.


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    I know that upstart is does not work with our setup here. Read this post for some advice:


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