so, after 4 days of having no access to my server due to 2 copies of my server running, the fix was to get rid of the boston copy and now im running on my seattle copy again, so does this mean im going to have to go thru all this crap again when you guys decide to try the migration again? i have 3 servers with you and another 4 days outage will honestly not be accepted.

you are a vps support company and to be told that someone that can fix vps issues is only working Mon - Fri thus leaving us without any help over the weekend is not good enough. how can a vps company run like that...

I was told by a guy on phone support that the only way you will get anyone to look at our vps issues in weekends is if one of your nodes go down which means we are out of luck until business hours.... get this **** sorted because you will lose alot of business if we keep getting crap like 4 day outages.

your comments vpslink (matt etc) are appreciated.