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Thread: Trouble logging into the control panel for the Boston, MA datacenter

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    Default Trouble logging into the control panel for the Boston, MA datacenter

    I noticed the server I admin with a friend of mine was down this morning, so I connected to the control panel ( and started the server. A minute or so later, it refreshed and said "This VPS is has been transitioned to the Boston, MA datacenter.", and gave a link to manage it at

    I tried to use the credentials I had just been using at there, but they're not working, and it's been about 20 minutes, and I still can't log into the new control panel, or ping this server. Is there something else I have to do to make this transition work right, or does it take longer than that?

    My problem here is that I'm pretty sure I'm not listed on the account at all (my friend just gave me the PW and stuff and told me to go wild), so if there's some kind of verification that needs to happen to get into the new panel, it looks like I'm just going to be waiting until he gets back from vacation sometime next week.

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    Have a look at this:

    Also if you have problems email for support.

    Logging into the new control panel also requires a slightly different format for the username, but the password should be the same.

    Ask for more details about it using the email address mentioned above.

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    the usernames are usually the same as the old ones without the @ or .'s
    so if it was its most likly now exampleexamplecom
    or if you have more than one second one would be exampleexamplecom exampleexamplecom2 etc

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    they sent the control panel account details in the "Your <newcontrolpanellogin> Account has been migrated." What a horrible subject heading. I didn't even read it till I have to search for vpslink emails because a ticket at the old support ticket control panel basically tells you to contact transition email which I find is not helpful.
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