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Thread: udev and kernel versions not aligned

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    Default udev and kernel versions not aligned

    I had the insane idea to provide and upgrade of my VPS, and (as understand too later) I have now udev and kernel versions unaligned. Which involves a failure while running sshd. With conseguence to prohibit remote access to the machine.
    Thanks to administrators I obtained again my access, but it would be preferred to fix the situation before the next reboot...

    I can imagine different solutions, but I'm scary on the idea something bad may happen and need some suggestion:
    - completely remove udev. Do this provide other problems? Who care about mounting devices in /dev?
    - downgrade udev to a version compatible with my kernel. Which version is required against 2.6.18? Suggestions about how to perform a clean downgrade on Debian?
    - more?

    Thanks :-)

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    if you apt remove udev and upgrade you should have no problem but than you will need to find alternatives for any programs that need udev. I can't find a reason why you would need udev on a vps...
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