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Thread: New Customer and no login possible...

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    Default New Customer and no login possible...


    im not really happy as first time customer with vpslink... registered and paid for a XEN vps account and already paid. But now, i can't login to the desired customer webpage. Already requested a new password, i was thinking my password was wrong, but still no login possible...

    On more thing, your captcha verification on contact, billing is damaged too! You enter the correct leters and its ALWAYS wrong...

    Not the best start for a first time customer...


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    I don't think anyone at VPSLink or Endurance International Group (the new owners of VPSLink) monitor this forum anymore.

    Your best option for getting your problems solved is to log a trouble ticket via the Help > Support ticket link in your new VPS control panel. You may as well let them know about the captcha issues that way too.


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