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Thread: the end for one of my servers

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    Default the end for one of my servers

    so i just got the following email from vpslink.... sort of makes me worry a bit...

    Unfortunately, we have been unable to get your container to come
    up in the new location the way we think it should. We will
    continue trying to get your container working correctly in the
    new data center, but if we remain unable to do so, you will
    be left with two options:

    - Contact us (877-447-9872 or if
    you would like to get your container working in the new data
    center yourself. Because you know your container best, you
    may have a better chance of getting everything set up
    correctly in the new facility.

    - Make other arrangements by July 7. We value your business and
    do not want to lose you as a customer, but our first priority
    is to make sure that your container works correctly.

    We urge you to make arrangements for your container ASAP. Be sure
    to back up your files to a local machine or some other source to
    ensure that you have a good copy of your data.

    We apologize for the difficulties this situation may present,
    and we will try to help you as best we can. Please call us at
    877-447-9872 or email us at
    to discuss your options.


    The VPSLink Team

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    Ha, poor askewdread.


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