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Thread: Upgraded to new control panel, cannot acces through SSH tunnel.

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    Default Upgraded to new control panel, cannot acces through SSH tunnel.


    I was recently upgraded to the new control panel at but now I cannot access this when tunneling my browser through my VPSlink server itself. I can still access the old website but it makes me click the new control panel which loads to a white screen. I need to be able to access it this way no ifs or ands. Does this new address use a different port that I may need to forward through my tunnel? If not how do I get my account reset to the old control panel? Especially since I cannot login to the control panel to create a problem ticket? Any help is appreciated.

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    Check ACLs (iptables, routing table, whatever...) for policy regarding:

    Prior to the migration, I was explicitly dropping any traffic to/from those ranges and had similar issues accessing relocated vpslink configuration items/resources.

    If that doesn't work, give us the output of some basic troubleshooting. Can you ping, trace, telnet to a particular port to "ESTABLISH" a session? Output of troubleshooting 101, please. We've already determined it isn't Layer1, Layer2 doesn't seem likely, so keep on going...


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