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Thread: Why is my server disabled? Why won't support talk to me?

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    Default Why is my server disabled? Why won't support talk to me?

    Was woken this morning by an early-rising client phoning to say that their website was down. On investigation, I found the VPS Control Center interface saying that this server was "Provisioning Status: Disabled".

    I raised a support ticket (#7349013), and the VPSLink support staff leaped into action, promptly deleting the ticket.

    For the love of the deity of your choice, will someone please tell me what's going on?

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    Default Ah, I see...

    Like everything else the support tickets are associated with a particular VPS account. Switch accounts in the web interface, and you get a different list of issues. Confusing, inconvenient, everything we've come to expect from the new VPSLink.

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    I don't think support can actually delete tickets...

    Actually the new vpslink is just transitioning to one system which they use for all their subsidiaries which is the vdeck interface.

    Dunno what to say but have you tried calling them with a response? I noticed they no longer advertise spry as managed hosting so it's pretty much like most large shared hosting ticket response behavior.
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