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    Default Ticket Stale *Still No Email or SSH

    I've had a ticket open (Tracking Number: 7558360) because every two days I lose email access and SSH access to my server. It's going on day two and I'm trying to patiently wait for someone in tech service to sort out why I have to restart every two to three days in order to loosen up whatever clogs up my server preventing SSH and access to IMAP and POP ports.

    Could you escalate this as soon as possible, please? Or *suggest a better hosting service?

    Julian Bleecker

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    Does the other services on your VPS respond when SSH/Mail fails? (aka is your VPS still otherwise online?)

    If so, then that is a software problem on your VPS and VPSLink offers unmanaged VPS, meaning this is 100% your responsibility.
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    yeah... this doesn't seem like a networking issue which vpslink is responsible into looking at.

    There wouldn't be a better hosting service if it's your responsibility unless you are asking for "managed vps" in which case you shouldn't go budget managed.
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    sounds to me like you are running out of RAM.

    The openVZ offerings provide no extra and no swap.

    Apache must be tuned to limit the number of processes.

    Read the forums for hints on lowering memory usage.


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