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    Default Installing Files

    OS: Ubuntu 10.04-i386-default

    How do I put files onto my VPS? And also run files, enter information to files, etc.

    Its my first time using Ubuntu, a VPS and Linux.

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    Starting out on Linux does involve a learning curve. I would recommend starting out with a program called PuTTY which can be downloaded for free.

    PuTTY is an ssh client which can be used to connect to the ssh server running on your VPS.

    When you connect to the VPS the command prompt you see is in most cases the bash shell. To start off you'll want to familiarize yourself with the various bash "builtins" and also the man pages.

    Some bash builtins to start with include ls, cd, mv, cp, rm, chmod, chown, and touch.

    Some text editors include vi, nano, and pico.

    Programs can be installed using apt-get or dpkg. apt-get is a bit easier to use as it will generally locate and download programs as well as install them.

    Programs can be run by typing in the program name followed by any parameters. If the program is in your PATH then the path can be omitted.

    Typing the command env will show various parameters of your shell, including the shell name, the PATH, your PWD (present working directory), and various others.


    Feel free to ask other questions. There is lots and lots of information out there and plenty who are willing to help.


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