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Thread: OpenVZ Upgrades

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    Default OpenVZ Upgrades

    We will be upgrading the kernel and various other software packages on OpenVZ nodes next week. The upgrades have been in testing for quite some time now.

    The only impact will be a reboot during the overnight hours.

    After the work has completed we will be releasing new templates for Ubuntu 11.04.

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    Default Servers bouncing up and down for 3 days straight!

    Our severs have been bouncing up and down for 3 days now. Support says the cause is an "emergency" upgrade, yet refers to this thread.

    What is going on and why are these outages not properly announced on this forum?


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    hello smellyspice.

    Can you PM your ticket to Matt@VPSLink.
    It is also possible the issue is a coincidence whereas a new script or unusual traffic is occuring for your vps and not related to the upgrade.
    Happily on a Link3. Feel free to request a refferal code that takes a 10% lifetime discount off your hosting.
    Please open a SUPPORT TICKET AND CALL vpslink to resolve your vpslink problems FIRST
    I am a CUSTOMER Only. Any vpslink issues should be directed to Matt@VPSLink and/or Michael@VPSLink

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    Our server has been down for nearly two days now. Seems like a little more than a "reboot during overnight hours" and very inattentive support to boot...


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