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    So I bought a Link-1 VPS primarily for hosting a small game server. But I'm having trouble moving files between my PC and the VPS. I have tried Filezilla, but everything I try gets a critical error and rejected connection.

    The program I want the VPS to run is named Dreamdaemon and is found in a Linux Package on the byond website - Dreamdaemon hosts byond game files (of which I want to upload) and allows the server to be seen on a game 'HUB' on the byond website.

    A few things, since I know quite little about this. First of all, how would I go about transferring files to the VPS? I try to connect with both Filezilla and WinSCP but neither give me a connection. After that, how would I run the program to host the game files?

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    Hello. vpslink is an unmanaged vps service. Generally one should be familiar with linux and command line.

    A vps at vpslink is like any other vps. ssh is enabled but nothing else is installed. To use filezilla you need to install a ftp for your particular vps. Winscp can work if you set file protocol to sftp and allow scp fallback.

    I suggest you acquire a linux command line handbook and work from understanding the basics. Good luck.
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