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    Default VPN for traveling

    I travel often and most hotels especially over seas have unencrypted (OPN) wireless available to their guests. I would like to create an encrypted tunnel from my laptop to my VPS. What is the preferred solution? OpenVPN, stunnel, ppp, ...

    I would like my point of presence on the internet to be the IP address assigned to my VPSlink XEN server.

    The principle things that I would like secured from wireless eavesdropping are: my DNS query/response, URLs, and my TCP end points.

    I have run a second laptop with airodump-ng at home and a open wireless AP. I can see all of my non-SSL web content, my DNS look ups, and can identify the IP addresses of the SSH servers I am logged onto.

    I have a XEN VPS, and I prefer provisioning in Debian but can use any flavor of linux. My travel laptop is dual boot Windows XP, or Ubuntu, so I could run any client. I would prefer to use a linux client.

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    setting up an openvpn is very easy and reportedly more secure. The only problem is you need to install the client on windows/mac as pptp is generally already enabled on them. There are plenty of guides on installing on debian/centos.

    The only problem is ipv6 which is less than 1 percent though but you may encounter that issue depending on where you are abroad.
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