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Thread: What package, need to run xvfb plus website

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    Default What package, need to run xvfb plus website


    Ok so I'm new to self managed hosting. I need to run a website with Prestashop (so PHP, MySQL, Smarty, Apache, etc), but I also need to run this bit of software:

    Ahh can't post a link, it's Ribbonsoft's vec2web.

    It's a console app, but it requires an QT and therefore a X Windows server to be running. So I was going to use Xvfb to run a headless X Windows server.

    Question is I have no idea what sort of package I would need for this. Web site traffic would be low (very low) to start with.

    I am competent enough to set all this up on a box I own, but no idea how to tell what VPS resources I would need.

    Thanks, Cam.

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    hrmm... some of the stuff you said went over my head but in regards to prestashop which is considered ecommerce application... you shouldn't get anything less than a link 4 (xen 512mb). Even if you expect no traffic because these scripts are not meant to be on low memory vps packages.
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    OK, thanks for that, its a minimum starting point if nothing else.



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