Hey guys, just got a vps from here. And installed cpanel. Everything seemed to go well all the way through the install. I am trying to get used to setting everything up and making sure that everything works correct before I start moving any of my domains over to the VPS, problem is. I cant get to files i upload. I get this h tt p://]Default Web Site Page. And have made index pages in the root of public_html and tried going straight to the index'es /h tt p:// or /h tt p:// Nothing seems to work. Do I HAVE to move at least 1 domain over before I can access it from the web? Also for resolver ip's, I pinged the domain name servers at vpslink which is ns1.vpslink.com and ns2.vpslink.com and used those corresponding IP's . Am i completely wrong here? Im logging in as root and synik4l.vpslink.com is what the hostname is set to. But im at a loss. Any have any incite for me. Thanks in advance.