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Thread: Problems setting up apache

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    Default Problems setting up apache

    Hey guys, just got a vps from here. And installed cpanel. Everything seemed to go well all the way through the install. I am trying to get used to setting everything up and making sure that everything works correct before I start moving any of my domains over to the VPS, problem is. I cant get to files i upload. I get this h tt p://]Default Web Site Page. And have made index pages in the root of public_html and tried going straight to the index'es /h tt p:// or /h tt p:// Nothing seems to work. Do I HAVE to move at least 1 domain over before I can access it from the web? Also for resolver ip's, I pinged the domain name servers at vpslink which is and and used those corresponding IP's . Am i completely wrong here? Im logging in as root and is what the hostname is set to. But im at a loss. Any have any incite for me. Thanks in advance.

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    why did you set the reverseip to
    I'm not even sure vpslink allows you to setup a subdomain on their domain.

    If you use domaincentral than yes you will need to use vpslink nameservers of ns1.vpslink and ns2.vpslink for any domain you add.

    Since you have cpanel you can setup your own nameservers (using your vps ip or any spare ones but not recommended). An alternative is use your domain registrar free name servers or any other free name server like however you would need to avoid your cpanel dns configuration.

    How much memory do you have? bare minimum for cpanel is 256mb xen vps (will be slow) recommended is 512mb xen.

    your ip is accessible and I see the apache default landing page. everything else seems like something you can do with cpanel since you have it installed. please dig around the settings as cpanel has many options.
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