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Thread: payment failed,why?

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    Unhappy payment failed,why?

    I just tried to sign up for a year of Link-3 and selected VISA as my payment method, but i got a message "For security reasons, your transaction has been suspended and is being reviewed by our Billing Team. If you would like to expedite this process or have any questions, please call 877-877-9669" ..
    I tried to pay with Paypal, but got the same message..
    Anyone can explain it?
    Do I have to show them my ID?

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    You may have to. This is standard procedure however for many companies due to fraud in the hosting business but usually required when your ip doesn't match your address or something that is suspicious.

    Please contact the 800 number or Private message one of the employees in my signature.
    Happily on a Link3. Feel free to request a refferal code that takes a 10% lifetime discount off your hosting.
    Please open a SUPPORT TICKET AND CALL vpslink to resolve your vpslink problems FIRST
    I am a CUSTOMER Only. Any vpslink issues should be directed to Matt@VPSLink and/or Michael@VPSLink


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