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Thread: VM disabled due to spam

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    Default VM disabled due to spam


    We found out about an hour ago that our VM was disabled, apparently due to "a report being received stating we were being used for spam"

    I phoned support and they stated that it's company policy to switch off the VM until the security team gets around to testing it (!)

    I have tested using spamhaus, spamcop, senderbase and others, and am unable to find our IP address listed.

    About 6 weeks ago, someone from the support team, called Isaiah V. tested our VM himself and sent a report which clearly illustrated we were not sending spam.

    Can someone respond and perhaps explain this rather Draconian action?


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    It does sound very draconian... have you tried private messaging one of the employees in my signature?

    It may not sound like a good suggestion but I personally use one dedicated vps to handle all mail so that my main content vps stays on. There are advantages/disadvantages to companies that take spam aggressively but I agree someone should research how your ip can be disabled if it's not shown on senderbase.

    I would ask for a copy of that report.
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