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    As a former user of Windows 2003 VPS's, I enjoyed having an interface I could use to manage my servers.

    I realize that the command line is a powerful tool in the Linux world, as I use it myself for certain things, but the server I have coded uses RealBASIC and has an interface that includes several graphical elements that are necessary for day-to-day operation of the server.

    What's the easiest way to get an interface such as Gnome, say, on Ubuntu or a similar distro, and get a working RDC-like connection with it?

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but thank you for any help you guys can provide.

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    Although this may come at some memory and performance cost (due to the need to load up CPU-eating server side components on your VPS to implement a GUI you can view remotely), perhaps you should look into Linux RDP equivalents like VNC.

    Clients like or might be worth looking into to see if a VNC client/server setup is a solution for you.

    Aside from performance issues, there may also be other things (eg security) to look into as well if you decide to implement an additional interfaces onto your server via VNC or similar.

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    It's probably a bit more complicated on both server and client side, but you might also look into a remote X session.


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