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Thread: VPS vs Dedicated Server

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    Cool VPS vs Dedicated Server

    I have been testing some different linux box options over the past month or so and I have to say... my link-4 is much more powerful than my dedicated celeron 3.0ghz hosted at I have tested compiling programs and untaring files on both, and my vpslink server is much, much more responsive. I really appreciate the fast servers and instant provisioning and installing of new operating systems! charges $50 per reinstall, and for the price, you can't really go wrong with the VPS setup here.

    I currently have a Link-4 OpenVZ for database/php hosting and a Link-1 Xen for small website hosting. I have to say I am outstandingly pleased with this company and you guys are doing an outstanding job! Fast support ticket resolution times as well.

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    We're always pleased to hear about how we are delivering the kind of service we have set out to provide to the Linux community.

    It is a great vote of confidence to hear that the many investments we have made in developing our infrastructure have put our virtual private server offerings ahead of others' dedicated server offerings.

    Thank you for your comments, MunchSoft - I'm sending these kudos around to our developers and system administrators.


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