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Thread: Help Needed. How to find ip address of spammer from our site!

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    Question Help Needed. How to find ip address of spammer from our site!

    We got a huge spammer on our site, who posts comments. and to post comments, anyone who usually post comment the right way, we put a script , where it shows there ip address on phpmyadmin on that cetrain table . but this spammer it never shows his ip address. or the comment he made never shows on our database in phpmyadmin. Whats another way to get his ip address to ban from server

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    A suggestion: look in your web server logs and match the time and request strings recorded in your logs with the time of the ofending comments in your blog or forum.

    Also check to see what the administrative options are in your blog or forum software - most have options that can reveal to administrators the IP address of forum posters or blog commenters.

    And then either ban them using the options in your blog/forum software, or by denying them via an .htaccess entry, or by banning them in your server or application firewall...

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    Furthermore, if their IP isn't showing in your database as normal, then this individual is circumventing a specific process... which sounds like exploitation of a vulnerability.

    You need to look into whether this is something that has been patched in a newer version, modifying your custom code, or whatever it takes to close the vulnerability.

    While looking through your HTTPd logs for the IP, also look at the specific URL the individual is requesting in order to figure out how he is circumventing your script.

    Patch the hole or harden the script, etc., and then block his IP range. If he is the only user from that IP range, you might consider blocking the IP range at the firewall for a month or two -- this will prevent him from accessing the site at all and perhaps he will move on or repoint his scripts.

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    In my experience ip based banning does little for the determined offender anyways.

    Based on the scanty details and patchy english my suggestion would be to (if you aren't already):

    1. Force users to have accounts and log in
    2. Use a 'captcha' type image verification.

    Perhaps you could elaborate more on the forum - perhaps share a link with me via pm and I can give you more advice to your situation.

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    Default Thorough Help

    I`ve got a problem. A relative has been threatened by post on an online social network (MetroFLOG), unfortunately, the anonymous element posted without the use of an account to the corresponding URL, so finding link to the person is impossible. But since I know that obtaining IP adresses isn`t. So, is there any way I can obtain the persons IP with just his/her post?


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