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Thread: Rails template?

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    Default Rails template?


    I just signed up with a link 1 account, and I'm generally pleased so far with the service.

    However, I'm running into problems installing rails. Going to the VPS manager, I looked for a Debian + Rails template install option, but I only see what are apparently vanila debian installs. After setting one up, I confirm, yes, there is no rails on the image.

    I went through the motions of using aptitude to install it myself, but kept bumping up against:

    # gem install rails
    Bulk updating Gem source index
    /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/specification.rb:261:in `load': failed to allocate memory (NoMemoryError)
    from /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/specification.rb:261:in `_load'

    ...memory errors at every turn.

    I realized while signing up that the account would be limited, but I assumed I would be able to actually install software on it. Would it really be necessary to upgrade to install rails? Could I switch to Xen somehow, which apparently has virtual memory support?


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    I believe you can switch to Xen by submitting a support ticket.
    You can install things on the OpenVZ VPS but you might have to kill some unused processes.

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    We do not offer LAMP VPS or Rails VPS templates with the Link-1 plan (this plan will not provide sufficient resources to run a production webserver with the LAMP or Rails frameworks).

    You are welcome to switch to Xen, however, I would recommend that you consider a plan which allocates sufficient memory to run and test your applications before you make the switch: you will find that our OpenVZ hosting is actually a better choice for overall performance, whereas Xen is better-suited to one-off tasks which benefit from the use of swap space.

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    Default Re; RoR VPS

    I just signed up for the Link-3 plan in order to start a site using an RoR based CMS, but after multiple tries I cannot get the RoR stack to install. Like the original post, I run into memory errors every time.

    I've seen RoR pre-installed VPS images advertised, but can't find an option to install one on my container.

    How do I do this? Do I need a Link-4 plan? Will switching to Xen really solve the low-memory errors?
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    there are a varity of reasons why ror would not install on an openvz. they calculate memory differently than xen so if you already have a default apache/mysql install and you do not tweak the memory usage; you would probably not have enough memory to install ror. xen should help but depending on what cms, you should ask in their forums whether a 256mb vps can adequately serve your content.
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