I am a computer enthusiast: aka, a massive nerd. So, when my current web hosting package expired, I went looking for a VPS package. Unfortunately, most packages on the internet seemed to aim at high traffic sites, or hosting resellers, and cost more than I wanted to pay.

After significant trawling of the internet, I found VPSLink, and signed upto the Link 1 package. I had never used a Linux system before (I did have unix experience however), but withen an hour, I had a working LLMP stack (Linux, lighttpd, MySQL, PHP), a mail server, and a iptables firewall. And best of all, I was able to do it my way, to have complete control over my system, and to be responsible for securing my own server.

I could not recommend VPSLink enough, everything is fast as hell, it was set up before I could even login to my email, and I had a working root shell within 5 minutes. At only $7.95 a month, it is extremely affordable, and well worth it.