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Thread: New to VPSlink and setting up Linux as a web host

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    Default New to VPSlink and setting up Linux as a web host


    I got tired of the limitations that my shared web host provides so I decided to sign up for a VPSlink link 1 account. This is my very first VPS experience, can't describe how much thrilled I am right now .

    My primary goal right now is moving over from my current web host to VPSlink. I have no idea how to do this but I'm not asking for step-by-step instructions I am just seeking for advices.

    Setting up a LAMP stack, PostgreSQL, Subversion, Trac and other useful "tools of the trade" will not be a problem for me since I am not a total Linux newbie.

    But when it comes to mail administration, I am a complete newbie. I never had a need to setup my own mail servers 'till now. I cringe when I see things like DNS, MX records, Zones, you get the idea.


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    An easy way would be to install the lxadmin template (or install it yourself for the most up to date version.)

    What plan are you on? It works really well in low mem environments like the lower plans.

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    Im on a Link-1 running openSUSE 10.3.

    I just hit my first brick wall, I'm following "The Perfect Server - openSUSE 10.3" and when I go to community repositories, I get this error:

    "No product URL defined to download list of repositories from."

    I tried adding the needed repositories via software repositories, but when I try to install software, I get a segfault

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    yeah, I think you'll find lxadmin your best option as you only have 64 ram with no bursting and no swap (unless you're on a xen server.) Although that's only for centos so if you're interested in opensuse then you're in for a challenge

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    You might want to consider letting g00gle's hosted apps service handle your mail since you're on a link-1. It's basically gmail, but instead of - very kewl stuff, and my users love it.

    Here's some more info:


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