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Thread: GTA SA:MP Game server on VPSLink 2

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    Default GTA SA:MP Game server on VPSLink 2

    The server is online for 3 weeks, and almost with no problems. SA:MP server has nearly 0% CPU usage, and less than 32mb RAM, handles 40 players perfectly. USA players have low ping. In 3 weeks, only 20.45% bandwidth used (I hope, its monthly bandwidth displayed at the top of control panel?)

    Keep up the good work!

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    Yes, it's monthly. At least now I can estimate how much bandwidth my GTA SA:MP server runs as on my Xen VPS control panel, I don't get any statistics of how much bandwidth is used. Only WHM will tell me.

    The people in or near Seattle, Washington are getting the lowest pings right? if not (lol)

    I agree, keep up the good work, VPSL!

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    great news, i love my seed upgrade.

    Any one?

    To be continued....


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