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Thread: VPSLink - Great host in my opinion

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    Default VPSLink - Great host in my opinion

    Wow guys, must say I'm VERY impressed by VPSLink, I've had a account here since december '06 and have not regretted getting the account. I had to leave due to insufficient funds, and then come back when I had more cash.

    Okay, ever since then, I've been with VPSLink, no downtime whatsoever. This is since December 2007. Now I'm moving accounts (Shared with a friend) and hope to get it up quickly. Wow, the travel from Link-2 to a Link-5 in several years.

    VPSLink, I have especially liked that IRC was allowed on the network. I absolutely love IRC for some odd reason and had created a IRC service minutes after I read the announcement. Keep up the great work, you'll be seeing a lot from me and the funds I can get from online jobs as a programmer and unofficial program support (mainly vBulletin support).

    This is what I've seen from VPSLink:

    • Instant Provisioning (setup), I was setup in about 20 minutes.
    • 99.99% (if not 100%) uptime
    • Best speeds to hard drive and viewing my website, IRC server and game servers
    • Must I go on?

    Thanks for the best VPSLink, and hope to see you guys continue to be the best.
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