I have a Link-2 (128M RAM), with Debian ETCH (what else?) on Xen. I prepaid for one year, and I consider it a great deal.

It runs a master DNS server (bind9) and is backup web server for several small sites, including several Drupal sites, mysql, and apache2. I had to tweak the mysql and apache2 configuration files to adapt to the limited memory. It also runs my own perl monitoring script for DNS failover.

I also run a monitoring script on my primary server that monitors the VPSlink backup server, and I can say that my Link-2 VPSlink server is rock solid, with great uptime. When it has to spring into action as backup web server, I find the performance to be very, very fast.

Even with only 128M RAM, the Link-2 is a fast, surprisingly powerful server with a huge bandwidth allowance. The price simply cannot be beat.