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Thread: rDNS for Mail Servers

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    Default rDNS for Mail Servers


    I've been trying to configure the mail-aspect of my server for well over a week now. I've tried all kinds of different daemon combinations and tutorial sites.

    Basically, I think my problem is that I needed to setup rDNS. I could do the whole email thing fine when I was SSH'd into my box. But when I tried to use remote clients, I've had all kinds of wierd things happen.

    Now my question:

    When I apply for rDNS, do I need to use my hostname or domain name? And, if I must use my hostname, what should it be? I changed it at one point to actually match my domain name -- would this cause problems as well?

    Thanks in advanced for any help,
    - Kurtis Mullins

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    I recommend setting rDNS to your domain name, although, the hostname should work, too. The main thing I would focus on is making sure -resolves-to->

    and -resolves-to->

    I could be wrong, but that might resolve the issue(s).


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