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Thread: Gentoo 8.12 permission workaround

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    Default Gentoo 8.12 permission workaround

    Around 0300 on 04 Feb 2009 I reinstalled my VPS with the gentoo w/portage image and received a permission denied warning when I attempted to emerge anything. Initial support ticket suggested turning off the userfetch feature for portage... and that did resolve the emerge issue.

    However, further testing uncovered the fact that non-uid0 users were having a huge problem as /usr/bin was unreadable. Turns out the perms on /usr, /usr/src, and /usr/src/kernels were all 700 which was inconsistent with my other gentoo machines here locally.

    So here's how I got around it:
    chmod og+rx /usr
    chmod og+rx /usr/src
    chmod og+rx /usr/src/kernels

    -- twodogs

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    Our template developers state that this issue should be resolved with the next template push.

    In the meantime, anyone who encounters this issue may run find /usr -type d -exec chmod 755 '{}' \; to fix permissions under the /usr/ directory.


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