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Thread: How to enabled the TUN device when install the OpenVPN

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    Thank for your suggestion very much.
    I have been study OpenVPN just a short time, so I am sorry to trouble you.I find my mistakes now, however, can not solve it.So, I would like to ask you two questions.Hope you can help me.
    First,I know the VPSLink server installed the OpenSSL already,but how to start it? Beacuse when I configure the OpenVPN without any parameters, it will be says not found the OpenSSL headers.And, if the OpenVPN is started, where is the headers and lib path? What is the configure command?

    The second,when I install the OpenVPN,the error message is:

    configure: checking for pkcs11-helper Library and Header files...
    checking pkcs11-helper-1.0/pkcs11h-core.h usability... no
    checking pkcs11-helper-1.0/pkcs11h-core.h presence... no
    checking for pkcs11-helper-1.0/pkcs11h-core.h... no
    pkcs11-helper headers not found.

    So,I download the pkcs11-helper file, version is 1.05.But, when I configure it, the error message is:

    checking for OPENSSL... checking for OPENSSL... checking for GNUTLS... checking for NSS... checking OpenSSL interface... configure: error: OpenSSL enabled but cannot be found

    I wanna cry ........How can I do...
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