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Thread: postfix not fetching emails from the net

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    Default postfix not fetching emails from the net

    I have installed postfix and dovecot on my server

    I am able to telnet on both port 25 & 110 from outside and send email & login successfully.

    The only problem is that the sever is not fetching emails from the internet.

    What could possibly be wrong?

    Thanks in anticipation

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    postfix doesn't 'fetch' (or pull) mail from the 'net. Other systems push mail to it. To do that, the other machines must have a way to map a mail domain to a machine name. This is done with DNS MX records.

    My guess is that you have not set up an MX record for your domain, or that there is a existing one that points somewhere else. Try running
    dig mx
    from your VPS and check that the name reported is your machine running postfix. Also try an MX lookup using a service like this one, which not only will tell you if you have an MX record, but will help verify that there isn't a problem with DNS propagation.

    Also check that if there are multiple MX records, then all of them point to machines that will eventually deliver to your VPS.
    Charles Haley


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