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Thread: Multiple memory allocation errors

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    Default Multiple memory allocation errors

    I am having big problems on my Fedora VPSLink 3 web server. I keep getting memory allocation errors from various programs. So far, 'cpan' has told me every time I try to install a Perl module that it is 'Out of memory!'. yum has intermittently told me it is out of memory while trying to install a program. Lastly, today sendmail said it it ran out of memory while trying to send an email out (from a CGI program). The thing is, when I run 'top -S' I have a lot of free memory (~63,000k free) and the CPU usage is only at about 4%. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this and how I can fix it?

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    My best recommendation would be to review our Problem: Process or Daemon Dies troubleshooting guide and the articles listed under the Resource Management category on the VPSLink Wiki.


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