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Thread: Need help with cPanel Setup

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    Default Need help with cPanel Setup

    Ok, so. I have never in my life had a unmanaged server before and I'll be quite honest, I jumped into this way to quick because we was pushed for time and NEEDED Hosting.

    We brought the VPS like 4 days ago and got the details yesterday to log in and I have been sitting here all night trying to work it all out.

    So here I am, tired as hell looking for some help, PLEASE.

    Is there a how-to guide, a step-by-step guide on how to do everything and get it all set up and running?

    I really wished that I looked first before jumping on-board, but I heard good things about VPSLink and that was another deciding factor, because we got screwed from our other VPS provider (still waiting for money back after 2 weeks).

    All I can say is I wish I had a managed VPS and the Package I'm on is Link-4. OS is Fedora and I need CPanel installed.

    I got the license details but when I try installing it, I get an error.

    "your hostname is not set properly. Please change your hostname to fully qualified domain name, and re-run this install."

    That's totally alien to me.

    I think I need a Managed VPS

    Thank you in Advance!!

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    You will need to change your hostname through the Control Center or run the hostname command to set your hostname (hostname should be added to your rc.local file to ensure that your hostname is set correctly whenever your VPS boots, as noted in the Differences between Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers guide at the VPSLink Wiki).

    The WHM / cPanel Installation Documentation should contain full instructions to help you complete your installation, though you are welcome to inquire here on the VPSLink forums or on the cPanel Forums if you encounter further difficulty.


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