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Thread: I can't cancel my Link-6 Plan

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    Default I can't cancel my Link-6 Plan

    I am going to switch to Link-3 since I cannot use all the resources given on Link-6. I already filed a cancellation ticket and they still insist that I have to pay $119.95. I already paid the first 2 months. This is the start of my 3rd month, you can cancel it right? I even stopped using it. You can response quickly to my cancellation ticket so I can use my Link-3 asap. Now I realize that filing a cancellation ticket here is hard.

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    You can't cancel when your already into your billing cycle for the 3rd month. However I can't be sure of that since you didn't mention when you submitted the cancellation and the day your monthly billing cycles starts. Also, billing isn't per month, its per billing cycle; its still "every 30 days", just not necessarily aligned with the start and end of a month.

    In my experience, canceling is very easy and I have always given at least 1 week notice to provide the billing department with ample time to process the cancellation and set the VPS to terminate at the end of that billing cycle. In total, I have canceled 3 VPS I have had here without any issue (I still have 3 VPS here at this time).

    In any case, you should work this out with the billing department.
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