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Thread: ShoutCAST - Installation problems

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    Default ShoutCAST - Installation problems

    Hey guys!

    I've got a few problems. I recently bought a VPS from this website. I then went to install and ran into a huge problem.

    I have to upload the files through the console. Which I did. Well, now, I can't see them in my FTP client/File Manager?

    Any ideas why?

    Next, I need to edit a file called "sc_serv.conf". This is all the configurations for the shoutcast server. I need either Pico or Nano. Well, I tried to install both but to no success:

    Nano - I need the 'MAKE' command, which I don't have. I tried installing it, and it didn't work.

    Pico - I couldn't install it, because it kept saying I need other files saying that they need "x" file to allow pine to run.


    Thank you SO much!

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    Default woah, woah, woah...

    First of all, please answer the following:

    - Which installation template are you using?

    - Why use FTP when SCP comes installed/configured?

    - Try installing nano to avoid Pine


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