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Thread: VPS Link it's fraud?

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    Default VPS Link it's fraud?

    I'm buying VPSlink plan and paying using my paypal account.
    I'm using this VPS server as my server, and my it's became a popular to my user.

    on day 4, my account suddenly suspended without any pre-notice, and i lose my user / customer because of my VPS server is down (suspended).

    I'm refereeing my email and support, that is my account suspected fraud, and VPSlink need me to send copy of government issued identification to VPSlink.

    I'm already, send the scanned valid government identification card and scanned passport by email.. after i clarify my is valid.. no action from VPSlink.

    Because of this issue, I'm writing a email to VPSlink to Claim for refund and send to my paypal account. I'm closing my account with VPSLinks.
    Until now there no action and no reply from VPSLink.

    It's that VPSlinks a real VPS hosting? or just fraud company to steal money from people?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbgLang View Post
    It's that VPSlinks a real VPS hosting? or just fraud company to steal money from people?
    Yes, they are a real company. Unfortunately incidents of fraud are a real threat to online business these days and they have to protect themselves from that. The real scammers are to blame for that, not the companies providing the services.

    Given your desire to communicate with them and rectify the situation, your case appears to be sincere and thus likely regarded as a 'false positive' on the fraud detection system.

    However, if you decide not to continue and choose to cancel and request a refund, you should be free to do that too.

    Best of luck, either way.


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